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Born from Compassion, Dedicated to Care

Songjog Caregiver Center emerged in 2020, a time of immense hardship. We began as a pilot project under the Songjog Foundation, driven by a simple yet profound mission: to provide comfort and support to those battling COVID-19. That initial spark of compassion has blossomed into a flourishing organization. Today, we stand tall as a leading caregiver service provider, accredited by the National Skills Development Authority (NSDA) as a Caregiver Training Center.

Pioneering Caregiving in Bangladesh

Songjog Caregiver Center is more than just a service provider. We’re a leader in shaping the future of caregiving in Bangladesh. We collaborated with the National Skills Development Authority (NSDA) to develop the country’s first caregiving curriculum, a critical step towards establishing caregiving as a respected profession. We set high standards for caregiving in Bangladesh by providing exceptional service and investing in the future workforce through our accredited training programs.

Our history

Years of Journey


Selected for ICT Innovation Fund for Caregiving App Development

The future of caregiving is digital! We were thrilled to be selected for Caregiving App Development at the ICT Innovation Fund. This project has the potential to further enhance accessibility …


April 24

Innovation Recognized: Selected for Smart Bangladesh Accelerator Program

Our innovative approach was recognized as we were selected for the prestigious Smart Bangladesh Accelerator Program. This program provides valuable mentorship and resources, propelling us forward in our mission to …


February 15

Collaboration with Robi Hatekolome for Caregiving Course

Expanding our reach and impact, we partnered with Robi Hatekolome to offer a caregiving course. This collaboration opened doors for more individuals to gain the qualifications needed to become exceptional …


September 02

Registered as a Skills Training Provider (STP) by the NSDA

Our commitment to excellence was acknowledged as we were officially registered as a Skills Training Provider (STP) by the NSDA. This accreditation allows us to equip aspiring caregivers with the …


August 23

Collaboration with NSDA in Caregiving Curriculum development for Bangladesh

Recognizing the long-term need for skilled caregivers, we joined hands with the National Skills Development Authority (NSDA) to collaborate on developing Bangladesh's first-ever caregiving curriculum. This significant step paved the …


June 13

Establishment of Songjog Caregiver Center

Songjog Caregiver Center is officially founded, building upon the foundation laid by the caregiving pilot project launched in June 2020.


May 27

Introducing caregiving pilot project during Covid-19 by Songjog Foundation.

Songjog Foundation launches a caregiving pilot project to provide comfort and support during the COVID-19 pandemic, planting the seed for Songjog Caregiver Center.


June 25

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Ahmed Javed Jamal

Founder & Business Lead

Dr. Khairun Naher

Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Asif Zaman

Head of Training

Dr. Israt Imrose


Dr. Nadia Shakin

Full-time Medical Expert

Atiqur Rahman

Tech Lead

An NSDA registered Caregiver Training and Service Provider.


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